How to Decide Upon a Hotel

You do not want to spend too much on a hotel for your virtual beach town road trip. Try to keep your hotel under half of your allotted spending money. You will need money for gasoline, activities, food, and souvenirs too so keeping the hotel cost down is the wisest move to make.  Remember, you will be spending most of your time out and about on the beach rather than lying about in your hotel room just watching television.  All hotel rooms look the same when your eyes are shut.

Conversely, it is important to look at reviews. You do not want to wind up somewhere with a nasty outdated bathroom or even bed bugs.

There are a variety of websites to use to search hotels. The three websites expedia, tripadvisor, and trivago tend to be the most useful. There are many other hotel websites but for the sake of saving time, focus on these three.  Often times, if you call a hotel directly they may give you an even better rate than what is listed online but for our purposes, just use the internet pricing. link:

Trivago link:

Expedia link:

For each of these links, you’ll need to put in your travel days. These dates are listed at the top of your hotel worksheet. Honors has different dates than regular English.

After you enter your dates and your assigned beach town, the website will propagate (make) a list for you to read. Look through the hotels. Pick three that look most appealing. Then fill in the information in your graphic organizer for each of these three hotels. Remember, you were given a virtual AAA card for roadside emergency. AAA also can get you a discount on hotels and other activities. You may have to check the individual hotel’s website to see if there is a AAA discount or a better price if you book directly.

Make sure you check all three hotels for bed bug reports. I recommend checking both of the biggest bed bug reporting websites because people can be lazy and may only report on one list and not the other. The two links for bed bug reporting are listed below.

Bed Bug Reports:

Bed Bug Registry:

Look at your data and then decide on the best hotel of the three for your needs to complete your hotel worksheet.

Hotel Galvez