Virtual Road Trip – English 9 End of Year Project.

 What’s the point of this project? To do independent research about a focused topic. To read informational text. To write about what we read. To use problem solving and critical thinking skills. To synthesize that information into a formal written report.

You are to plan a virtual road trip. Each student has been assigned a different beach town and a rental car vehicle. Search for your assigned class period, look for your name, and find your assigned beach town and vehicle.

The virtual trip will be five days long. You have been given free air travel to and from your location, a free rental car, a free AAA card for roadside emergency, and full coverage insurance for the rental car. For the sake of the assignment, pretend you are old enough to drive and to have a rental car. You may not go to any over 21 establishments or participate in any illegal or unsavory activities. Your assigned beach town is not in Pennsylvania but this assignment is so for that reason you cannot drive to another state and do something that would be illegal here. Keep it clean!

You will be planning a rough itinerary for five days which must include various requirements. You will be planning a budget for your hotel, food, activities, and gasoline. You should not exceed a budget of $2100. You are required to eat three times per day. One of these meals may be a light snack if you prefer. You will be required to:

  • Sleep in the same hotel each evening unless you have two locations. Then you can move hotels one and only one time.
  • You should estimate your mileage every time you go somewhere from your hotel, even if it is just to the pizza shop. You need to estimate your mileage and gasoline usage daily so you know how much money you need for gas.
  • Visit a state or national park.
  • Either take a yoga class, take a history tour, or take a nature tour.
  • Take a boat tour of some kind. Your boat tour could be a motorized boat, a sail boat, a kayak, an air boat, whatever you want as long as it is a boat. (Your nature tour can be a boat tour if you choose to go dolphin or whale watching, but then you must add a second boat tour to your trip schedule. The boat tour and nature tour cannot use the same boat company.)
  • You must go out to at least one fine dining establishment for a three course meal: appetizer, main course, and dessert. You must dress up for the occasion.
  • You must find a local pizza shop and get pizza.
  • You must find a local doughnut shop one morning and get two doughnuts.
  • You must find a local ice cream or gelato shop one evening for a treat.
  • Find a place to shop for souvenirs. You are required to get a souvenir for yourself and two other people at home. One of the souvenirs must be for your parent or guardian. Do a search in your beach town for souvenir shops, gift shops, or even surf shops.
  • Find a movie theater and go see a movie one evening.
  • You’re expected to complete two activities per day in addition to beach time.
  • You can add any fun activities that are legal in the state of Pennsylvania that you wish as long as you stay within budget. Take some surfing lessons. Go parasailing.  Find a basketball court and shoot some hoops.

Required Assignments

  • You must make a packing list that will count for a project grade.
  • You will have a hotel worksheet. Directions for that will be in a separate blog page. The packing list and hotel worksheet are due by Friday May 19, 2017.
  • Each itinerary page for Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 will count for four grades in the grade book to spread your points around.
    Day 1 = daily grade, do now, project, test
    Day 2= daily grade, do now, project, test
    Day 3 = daily grade, do now, project, test
  • Day 4 = daily grade, do now, project, test
  • Day 5 = daily grade, do now, project test
  • The friend that you invite is your responsibility. Their food and activity costs should be included with your costs.
  • Master Budget Sheet = test grade.Last but not least, you have to create a Master Budget Sheet that itemizes food, hotels, activities, and gasoline with a final number that must come in under $2100. The Master Budget Sheet of all expenses will be a test grade. If you go over $2100, you’ll have to go back and tweak some of your itineraries to stay within budget. If you absolutely cannot stay under budget, you’ll have to write a paragraph on the budget sheet defending your final numbers.
    All work must be completed by May 26, 2017.BeachSandMan