April 27 – Individual Abolitionist Research

  1. Check your class by  number. If you’re in period 1, click on the big 1, etc.
  2. Find your first name and your assigned abolitionist.
  3.  Then click on the post with the “List of Abolitionists”. Some of you have a link to an article to read.
  4. To do an internet search for your assigned abolitionist, try putting the person’s name in quotation marks. Example “Lucretia Mott”. Otherwise, you may get anyone named Lucretia. Some people , like Lucretia Mott, are also famous for being a women’s rights activist and a suffragette. You want to focus on their work with abolition or anti-slavery so try something like “Lucretia Mott” and “abolitionist” for a search.
  5. You need to take a page of notes. Your notes are for you to do two things. First, you need to make a timeline for your person with ten facts. Your timeline needs to include your abolitionist’s anti-slavery work but can include other facts about their lives.
  6. Second, next week, you need to write a paragraph about your person in your upcoming paper about the Anti-Slavery Movement before the U.S. Civil War. You need enough notes to cover those two tasks.
  7. research notes