Wentworth Cheswell Timeline Project

today you will be researching th e life of Wentworth Cheswell. You must use three resources.

You need a title.

You need a three sentence summary of Cheswell’s most important achievements, including his ride with Paul Revere.

You need a timeline of events, in chronological order, oldest to the left, newest to the right. I would make a pencil sketch first. Your chronological timeline of events should go towards the bottom but leave yourself enough room to write.

You must use three colors. No yellow. Yellow is hard to read.

I recommend these three articles below. If you use a direct quote, put it in quotes.

New England Historical Society – Wentworth Cheswell

Wentworth Cheswell by David Barton

Off Grid News Wentworth Cheswell  if the link doesn’t work, just type in those keywords to a google search box






Date: Period:
Wentworth Cheswell Time Line Project Rubric Points Possible Points Earned
Your name, period, date Expected, minus 10
Title in large letters 5 points


Use at least three colors. No yellow, it’s hard to read. 5 points
Brief summary about the most notable achievements of his life, be sure to include his ride with Paul Revere  (three sentences, large, in the middle) 10 points.
Time Line –List in chronological order Left to Right – oldest to newest facts.

Time Line should go across the bottom. 10 events for regular English

12 events for Honors English.

70 points

Spelling and Grammar

10 points


100 points