Nov. 30, 2016 The Oil Company’s Viewpoint: Why We Need the DAPL

The DAPL Official Website:

Briefly: We will be looking at both sides of the DAPL controversy so you can make an informed opinion  and have things to say for your persuasive  essay.

Hook:   Careers in Oil and Gas aimed at kids:

Have kids list ten items they use every day made from fossil fuel (plastics).

Have kids list as many ways as they can that we use fossil fuels for transportation.

e.g. cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, diesel trains, ships

Tell kids about the ups and downs of my dad in the coal industry.

Discussion about how we use natural gas today in Pennsylvania, job creation

The Hill –  Why We Must Build the Dakota Access Pipeline Now – have students read on chromebooks.

Have students write down title and author of article.

Tell students the only notes they get, are the notes they take. Read and take notes together.

Discussion Questions to consider:

How much money did the pipeline cost to build?

Would a company that can spend 3.7 billion dollars want to contribute to politician campaigns?

What would the benefit be?

(The Energy Transfer company gave the maximum amount to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. D Trump has 2 million dollars invested, as do other US Senators and Representatives)

How many jobs does it create?

Add up 129 million, 50 million and 74 million. How much money will those four states get per year? Would their government want this pipeline?

How much research did the Energy Transfer company do before building?

Did they have to get any special permissions from the government?

How much money will this make for the state of North Dakota?

How will the North Dakota government feel about the DAPL?

How does this author feel about the Standing Rock Sioux complaining about the DAPL?

Assessment: Page of notes from discussion and article reading.