Dec. 2, 2016 The Water Protector’s Viewpoint

Hook Video:

What is this man’s opinion about the pipeline at Standing Rock?

Vogue video about Standing Rock: 2 minutes of Sioux women speaking.

What are these women doing at Standing Rock and why?

Read the first few paragraphs and take notes.

Questions to consider:

What are they protecting?

How many tribes have joined the peaceful protest?

What did the US do in the Black Hills in the late 1800’s? (gold, land grab, sent soldiers to murder Sioux, called them savages, drummed up support and hate in the newspapers, sent more soldiers, took their land, forced them on to the reservation)

Who owns the land according to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe?

Sioux elder speaks out.

Exit Thought: Write a sentence or two to answer this question: Do you believe the Standing Rock Sioux or the United States and the pipeline  has the rights to that land?

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