Dec. 1, 2016 What are the risks? How could an oil spill affect the U.S.?


Write a list of ten ways you use water.

Twenty minute video, don’t use the whole thing, only Watch first five minutes: Pipeline Nation: Breaks and oil leaks.

Discuss and take notes

How much oil did the men get out of the water in a day of work?

Are they able to get a

ll of the oil out of the water?

Watch: Does Oil Spill Damage Last Forever?

Discuss and take notes

How does the oil spill affect animals?

How does it affect life in the ocean?

How far does the oil travel?

How does this impact humans?

Show just the pictures:

discuss and take notes:

Do you think they’ll be able to get all of that oil out of the famer’s field?

Do you think that farmer will be able to grow wheat on that field again?

Would you eat wheat that was grown on this field?

If time allows: read some of this article:

Discussion questions: Does Tesoro say anything bad has happened or do they play it off that everything is fine?

Will this farmer be able to farm this land any time soon?

Exit piece:

Answer question on note page: Do you feel that the benefits of jobs and a good economy outweigh the risks of an oil pipeline? Why or why not?

Assessment: NotesNorth Dakota Pipeline Oil Spill